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5 Steps to Internal Linking and How It Benefits You

The concept of internal linking might not seem particularly complicated on its surface. After all, an internal link is simply something that connects one webpage on your site, to another webpage on the same domain. However, on closer inspection, learning the best practices of internal linking, mastering the theory, and engaging in the practice can […]

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business to Get Clients

You probably have a Facebook business page or have at least heard people say you should have one to market your business for free on Facebook. The reality is that only a very small percentage of people that like your Facebook page see your posts unless you pay Facebook to promote you. This is where […]

20 Proven Ways to Get More Clients

One of the biggest questions that keep small business owners and entrepreneurs up at night is how do I get more clients? However, getting more clients doesn’t have to be hard, it simply requires taking action, and the right steps in the right direction. First it is important to understand that not every one may […]

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