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What should you put on your website homepage?

Your website homepage is one of the most visited and important pages on your website. The goal of your website is to guide visitors along a path that leads to them taking the action you want them to take. E.g. requesting a quote, making a purchase, signing up for an event. Making a good first […]

How to Get More Results from Google AdWords?

Last week I sent out an email stating that if you wanted to get leads fast, pay per click marketing is a great way to do so. In response to that email, one business owner emailed me the following, “I used to have Google AdWords, but even though I had many hits I had ZERO […]

Is Your SEO Working? How to Check Your SEO Results

How to know if SEO is working is a question often asked, especially because SEO results doesn’t show up right away. Search engine optimization (SEO) when done correctly is an investment that continues to pay dividends, and who doesn’t love getting more than they invested? However, SEO does take time to produce results. How long […]

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