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What is an Elevator Pitch?

I recently joined a business networking group and one of the things that we work on each meeting is a 45 second elevator pitch. If you’re wondering what is an elevator pitch? You’re about to find out. What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that lets the people that […]

How SEO Works

Getting noticed on the web today is no easy feat considering there are over one billion websites battling for attention online. Your web pages might provide plenty of engaging and useful information about your product, service, or primary subject in an engrossing way for your audience, yet still fail to attract the number of visitors […]

5 Steps to Internal Linking and How It Benefits You

The concept of internal linking might not seem particularly complicated on its surface. After all, an internal link is simply something that connects one webpage on your site, to another webpage on the same domain. However, on closer inspection, learning the best practices of internal linking, mastering the theory, and engaging in the practice can […]

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