Five Website Redesign Steps to Follow, in Order to Achieve Website Redesign Success.

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Achieving a successful website presence that deliver the results you seek, is never just about how “pretty” your website looks, it’s also about how well it performs and how useful your website is to your visitors. In order to achieve success with your website redesign here are five steps to follow.

Website Redesign Step 1.   Evaluate Where Your Website Currently Is.

First consider the main reason you want to get a website redesign. Perhaps it’s because it has an outdated look, or perhaps it’s because it’s not performing as well as you had hoped. Identifying what works on your existing website design will help you build upon what already works and identify what doesn’t work and what needs to be fixed so that your website redesign can pay off in the future.

Website Redesign Step 2.   Define Where You Would Like to Go.

Technology is always changing and there are always new innovations and tools to implement to make your website design more effective. Optimizing your website for search engines, making your website more user-friendly, increasing your website visitors conversion rate, making your website more interactive are all goals that business owners set for themselves when considering a website redesign. Perhaps you need to achieve one or all of these goals. Establishing where you would like to go will help you avoid some of the past mistakes and unnecessary expenses you have experienced in the past.

Website Redesign Step 3.   Craft a Plan to Get to Your Destination.

Establishing a successful website redesign requires more than just contacting a website designer and paying the web design cost. It requires conducting research to see what will work best for you, based upon the goals you have defined for yourself. During your research you may come across several solutions, identifying the best solutions for you will help you get to your destination in a timely and cost effective manner, when contemplating a website redesign.

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Website Redesign Step 4.   Protect The Positive You Already Have.

Commissioning a website redesign can actually have a negative impact, if you have not done a good job in step number one. You may already have pages that are optimized for search engines that are performing very well for you, destroying these pages will result in a drop in traffic and in rankings.  A great way to protect your web pages that are already performing well is to redirect them during your website redesign using a 301 redirect for each page.

Website Redesign Step 5.   Work with a Web Design Company That’s Specializes in Website Redesign.

Working with a website design company that specializes in website redesign, will help you protect what’s already working for you. The web design company that you choose to work with  should also be able to help you in identifying what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. They should be able to perform a full website evaluation, and provide you with a report with their findings and recommendations, they shouldn’t just re-build your website without identifying the problems and defining a strategy.


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