Google recently took a major step into entering the social network marketing foray by launching Google Plus (+1).
Google +1 is still in its testing stages and has only been rolled out to small fraction of users and it should be the antithesis for the Facebook Like button.
In order to use +1, users will have to create a Google profile in order to +1 any content or website that one comes across in Google Search or Adwords results, once that user has +1 a website or content for example, that website or content will be highlighted in other search results if it should appear in any of the search results for that user’s friends, offering a great recommendation opportunity for that business.
Sounds, a bit complicated, but as it is still in the testing stage I am sure Google will figure out a way to make it more efficient and effective.

My take on Google +1 right now is skepticism because I am not sure it would be quite as effective as the Facebook like button because


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