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Want your website to rank higher on search
engine results? But find SEO intimidating?

Get this easy-to-follow 15-point SEO checklist for improving your SEO results.

It’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help you boost your traffic, leads and sales.

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You can follow the same steps we follow when we work with our clients:

“Nicole from Captivate Designs recently finished the redesign of my website. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Two weeks after launching the website, I am already showing up on Google for Dog Training in my local area, and have already received phone calls and got one new client. It is exactly what I wanted. Nicole is amazing to work with and went above and beyond my expectations. I couldn’t be happier!”
Sandy Wishnick, Business Owner

Do you click the ad? Or do you click the search results?

When we ask this question to our clients, they respond with “I click the search results.”

When we ask why, they generally say it’s because they trust the organic search results more than the ads.

And it’s this trust you want to establish right away with a prospective customer.

This is why it’s crucial to use SEO to your advantage.

SEO can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be hard

We’ve created this simple SEO checklist so you can take the easy, but essential steps to see your business rank higher in
search engines.

And you want to rank higher so you can reach your target audience at a time when they’re looking for what you offer. The better you rank, the better the results for your business.

When one of your web pages ranks 1st in organic results, it gets approximately 32.5% of clicks compared to only 2.4% of tenth position according to a study by Chitika.

It pays to rank higher.

This SEO checklist will help you improve your search engine ranking

We make it easy for you. Our SEO checklist covers:

  • The basics to build a solid SEO foundation for your website
  • The tools you can use to supercharge your SEO efforts
  • How to uncover your current keyword ranking
  • How to pull your target audience in with magnetic content
  • How to outrank your competitors

You can access the complete list of steps by downloading the 15-Point SEO Checklist for Improving SEO Results.

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