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What’s Covered

This SEO Training Course Covers the Following:

Our SEO Training Simplified Standard class is a three (3) hour class that touches on all aspects of SEO. It also gives you ample time to get your questions answered. The instructor is also happy to review any attendee website to give you specific feedback. Whether you are just being introduced to SEO or have some knowledge you will walk away from this class with an in-depth understanding of the principles of SEO and the elements needed to create a successful SEO Strategy.  If you are looking for a more hands-on class where you go deeper on the principles of SEO, implement the principles covered in a practical SEO Lab that includes review and feedback, then our SEO Training Simplified Two Day Workshop would be ideal.

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Our SEO Training Curriculum Includes:

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    Industry & Competitive Analysis

    An analysis is necessary to determine the best possible keywords that someone looking for your website will use in an online search. You will learn to uncover those keywords and assess your competitor’s website to discover keywords that your competitors are targeting and ranking for.

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    Keyword Research

    The most important aspect of SEO work is identifying the right keywords to target that will produce the type of results you are seeking. You will learn a combination of techniques to select the right keywords.

  • SEO classes nyc
    Keyword Selection
    Keyword Selection is the force behind SEO and to be successful at it, selecting the right keywords and phrases is crucial. You will learn how to find the best keywords that allow you to reach your ideal clients in the shortest period of time
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    On-Page Optimization

    The development of a search engine friendly website structure and careful keyword selection and keyword density is critical for making a website visible to search engines. You will learn how to perform such on-page optimization activities to achieve high search engine rankings.

  • SEO classes nyc
    Off-Page Optimization

    This is the fuel for boosting your website ranking. You will learn off-page optimization strategies and tactics that will help you increase your search engine ranking, so that you get found online by your ideal clients.

  • SEO classes nyc
    Technical Optimization

    How your website is built and site architecture can either help or hurt your SEO efforts. Ensure your website structure is optimized to please the search engines.You will learn which key technical elements to pay attention to.

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