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Website Content and/or Images must be provided together with the submission of the creative brief tostart your project, unless an image is to be provided by Captivate Designs. Failure to do so will delay the completion of your project. All content must be provided in it’s final form in electronic format i.e. via email or in a Microsoft word doc.

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Competitor Website #1 and Comments

Competitor Website #2 and Comments

Competitor Website #3 and Comments

 Provide information to Users Generate Leads/Inquiries Sell Online Other:

 Request a Free Consultation Request a Free Quote Call your Phone Number Contact you via Email Download a Free Report Sign up for a Free Trial Purchase a Product or Services online

 A brief intro about your company Customer Testimonial(please provide) The Benefits of your Company A List of your Product and Services

 A Video (this is an additional cost if it's not part of your original proposal) A Link to your Blog Logos of Organizations and Affiliations

 Links to your social networking pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace

Please provide links:


 Business Address :
 City:  State:  Zip:
 Phone Number:
 Fax Number:

 A Flash Intro (e.g. www.shulywigs.com) A Flash Header (e.g. www.medicaltourismpartners.com) Save This Site

 Sign up for a Newsletter Googple Maps and Direction Page Photo Gallery

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 Website Maintenance & Hosting Search Engine Optimization Stationery Design Blog Design Social Media Design Email Design

If you are not sure, please contact your web host and they will be able to provide you with this information.
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