Website Redesign – How to Develop an Online Marketing Strategy?

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Thinking about redesigning your website? Follow these five steps to develop a successful online marketing strategy.

1. Define your market – Your market is the specific people you intend to serve. For example, you are a remodeler, targeting married couples, who own homes valued at $250,000 or more, within a specific geographic area.

2. Develop your marketing message – Your marketing message has to show your customers that you understand their problems and you have a solution. For example, as a web design company we build websites that inspire confidence & trust, help our clients get found online and generate leads and sales for them.

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3. Establish your medium – Your medium is the vehicle that delivers the message to your target market. For example, tv, magazines, search engines, Facebook, networking, events.

4. Create your method – Your method is how you will use your medium to get new clients.  For example, I will go to a networking and tell people what I do and learn about their goals. I would advertise on search engines to reach my target market.

5. Develop your movements – Your movements are clear action steps for prospects to take. For example, at a networking event, I will invite qualified prospects to have a meeting with me about how I can help them grow their business. Internet marketing, I will encourage prospects to go to my website to learn more or to sign up.

Once you have developed the five essential steps above, your next step is to monitor, track and refine until you are getting the results that you are happy with, but successfully marketing your business ALWAYS includes the five steps above.


Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs a New York Web Design company specializing in Website Redesign. Request a Free Website Redesign Consultation online or Call 877-877-4936.

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