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When redisigning your website ensure that you implement an  Easy Navigation Bar.  People need to get to your products  and/or services at the fastest time possible, so make sure  your categories and services are easy to use and your subcategories precise enough for customers to easily find what they are looking for.  Have friends and family test your navigation before launch to get a feel of how user-friendly it is. It’s a great idea to have visitors at a few different levels such as novice, intermediate and advance test your website usability and functionality to see how user-friendly your website navigation is.  This will give you valuable insight whether and help you to determine whether your products and/or services will be easy to find by your prospective visitors and potential customers.

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An easy navigation will help minimize your website bounce rate and help maximize your website conversion rate. Research has shown that websites that are not user-friendly are often left abandoned by website visitors. The back button is the most widely used button on line for this very purpose. Don’t let this be you. It’s a great idea to have your developer do a mockup of your website sitemap so that you can determine whether or not it makes sense, prior to going deep into the project.

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