In order to be successful online, your business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Here is an outline of the elements of a successful online marketing campaign, particularly for a service based business.

Your Website – A successful online marketing campaign starts with your website. It is the center of your business marketing universe and a very important member of your sales team. You can expand your marketing reach by throwing more money at it but if your website is not effective in that it turns visitors into leads and sales then you are just throwing money away and probably scratching your head, frustrated that your marketing is not working.

Search Engine Optimization – Unless your website is optimized to be found online for the keywords that your target customers are using to find businesses like yours, you are simply not an option for them to consider.
Pay Per Click – If you haven’t optimized your website to get found online, and get in front of your target clients, then pay per click marketing is your best bet. Its quick and it will give you exposure online immediately and help you drive traffic to your website, however it can be costly with clicks costing as much as $10.00 per click. If you do take this route, it would serve you well to hurry up and optimize your website so you could stop bleeding cash.

Email Marketing – Yes, a handful of customers will buy right away, but the real money is in the list of leads that you received that you haven’t converted to clients yet. Email Marketing is your best friend. Use it well and you will turn prospects into clients, by getting them to know, like and trust you and, by providing them with content that inform, shows your expertise and answers their questions.

Blogging – Blogging is necessary on two fronts. If you are optimizing your website, then it creates valuable links and fresh content that search engine loves.  Secondly, creating a blog that produces highly useful content that answers your target customers’ questions and provides a solution to their problems can also help you drive traffic to your website and generate leads and sales.

Social Media – Social Media is great for a couple things. First, websites like Facebook is great for increasing client referrals by getting them to engage on your page, in turn their friends get to know who you are, which leads to referrals all the time. I know it does with my friends. Every time I check in at a restaurant my friends are sure to try it out at a later date. The same can be said for a massage therapist, dentist, acupuncturist, financial consultant, wedding planner and other professional service based businesses. Secondly website’s like Twitter is great for building relationships with your clients as well as your business contacts. You can stay top of mind by staying in the loop and reaching out or re-tweeting one of their tweets which can later translate into sales.

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Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs a web design company that specializes in website redesign, branding and search engine optimization.