Why You Should Disclose Your Budget When Requesting a Website Redesign Quote?

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Every day I am approached by small business owners seeking a website redesign quote.  They are always very aware of what they want in their new website and the objectives that they would like to achieve. However, the moment I ask what is your website redesign budget, they go silent.

Now, let’s be real, no matter what it is, a pair of shoes, a nice dress, a business suit, we all know how much we want to spend. There’s always that number that we don’t want to go over.

I think most people don’t want to disclose their budgets for the fear that the website redesign company pricing may come back lower than what they had hoped to spend. However, very often that is not the case.

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Here are a few reasons why you should disclose your website redesign budget:

  • Disclosing your website redesign budget will help your design consultant put together a package that fits your needs within the price point you are willing to pay.
  • A website is not a product, it is a time commitment and if your budget is lower than what the website redesign company would normally charge, they may be flexible on the price to allow you to get what you want. But you have to be open and honest before they can exercise flexibility.
  • By not disclosing your website redesign budget you may lose out on the opportunity of working with a great company. Many professional website redesign companies may not take you seriously if you are too scared or unwilling to disclose your budget, because they may view you as someone who is going to waste their time.

The reality is your unwillingness to disclose your budget actually hurts you, because you prevent yourself and your business from getting the best price, solutions to help you achieve your goals and the best company for you to partner with.


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