Let’s put it this way, I recently received a spring catalog from Kripalu Yoga Center. It seems to be a great place for yoga retreats, a recent interest of mine.

In any event, since they are based in the Berkshires, and it’s now winter, I am hardly excited to visit, but the beauty displayed in the catalog seems to be an ideal spring getaway, so I wanted to make sure I stay updated.

My first thought was to follow them on Twitter since I am on Twitter regularly.  As it turned out there only option on their website was Facebook but a quick Google search revealed their Twitter handle which I was happy to find, since I really don’t frequent Facebook that much.

The thought of subscribing to their newsletter, however conjured thoughts of emails that I would have to spend time deleting, since I am already subscribed to several other newsletters.

Which leads me to ask myself, is Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter more effective than Newsletters and RSS feeds? Less see, RSS Feeds and Newsletters both show up in your email inbox, while you would have to visit the Social Sites to receive your updates which will slow you down less, when compared to going through all of your emails.

I guess my answer is yes! This was further validated by a recent survey by ComScore that revealed that a whopping 20% of time spent online is now spent on Social Networks.

Though, I am not ready to abandon newsletters and RSS, it just goes to show that you have to create multiple avenues for your prospects and customers to connect with you, especially when they have a preference of one medium over another. In my case my preference is Twitter, but according to ComScore the number one Social Networking sites used is Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Leave your comment below and let me know.

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