Who We Are

Small Business Branding and Web Design Company

strategic. Creative. Professional. Results Driven.

Captivate Designs is a small business branding and web design company that consist of a team of expert Designers, Developers and Marketers. As a team we leverage our collective expertise to create designs that are marketing driven, that transforms our clients businesses and their bottom lines. What that means for you is that you get 3 experts working for you on the key elements needed to deliver results.

Our Philosophy Captivate. Engage. Convert. Refine.

Captivate Designs takes a comprehensive marketing driven approach to producing designs that have a positive impact on your audience and your bottom line. As a small business branding and web design company, we believe in strategy before execution, usability before trends and conversions before pretty aesthetics. As a professional small business branding and web design company, we collaborate with our clients to execute solutions that help them achieve their goals. We mix strategy with design intelligence and marketing know how to create designs that produce results and transform businesses. We harness the power of persuasive design to captivate the attention of your audience with strategic placement of content to keep visitors engaged and solid call to actions to drive conversions and leads and we continue to refine to maximize results. We provide exceptional value to our clients by holding their hands throughout the entire process, going over and beyond to satisfy their needs. Our clients count on us as a trusted partner and extension of their team.

About the Founder

Captivate Designs was founded in 2007 by Nicole McCullum, an internet marketing expert with over 10 years’ experience in web and graphic design and internet marketing. Prior to founding Captivate Designs, Nicole was the Founder of Kings County School of Realty, where she initially paid $5000 for a website that looked pretty but did absolutely nothing to generate business. It was during that time that Nicole honed her skills in internet marketing, experiencing great success, which ultimately lead to her completing a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Ultimately, because of Nicole’s past experience with under-performing websites, she founded Captivate Designs a small business branding and web design company to help small businesses leverage the power of effective design at an affordable price to transform their business, increase leads and revenue. Nicole has contributed as an expert on Forbes, Inc.com, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NY Enterprise Report, Strategy Magazine and Focus. In her spare time she volunteers with NY Cares on various hunger projects, because she believes no one should ever have to go hungry. In addition, she also volunteers with the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to educate and raise awareness on Cervical Cancer and Prevention.