In-depth Google AdWords Training,(Now Google Ads)

Live, in-Person Google Ads Course in NYC.

  • Become a PRO at Google Ads today.
  • Learn how to setup, manage and optimize Google Ad campaigns from a Certified Google Ads Specialist.
  • Trusted by over 5,168 marketing professionals, small business owners who want to excel at Google Ads & Digital Marketing.

In-Depth Google AdWords Course in NYC, (Now  Google Ads)

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Why Enroll in This Google AdWords Course?

Personalized, Hands on Training

Free Retakes up to 6 Months

Small Class Sizes

Past Attendee Testimonial

“I attended the Google Adwords training taught by Nicole recently. I found that it was very easy to follow, super informative, and overall a great way to learn how to expand your business with Google. Nicole did a great job at engaging the class and giving us one-on-one time to go over our Google accounts and ask questions related to our own businesses. If you’re looking for an expert and a patient trainer, I highly recommend Nicole!”

Priscilla Yecora

Sales and Marketing Analyst at Sheltair Aviation

Learn Google Ads Fast in this Hands-on
One Day Google AdWords Training

Google Ads is the fastest way to show up on Google Search. With a projected 40% increase in digital ad spend by 2020, Google Ads is here to stay. Let us train you on how to leverage Google Ads to generate leads and sales for your company or clients. Learn from a real-world practitioner who has managed hundreds of accounts and built a successful digital marketing business with over 14 years’ experience. Get the guidance, insight and knowledge you need to excel at Google Ads. Because we are committed to your success, you will have access to us long after the class has ended to get your questions answered and get feedback so you’re always on the right track. What are you waiting for?

Learn Google Ads

What You’ll Learn in This Google AdWords Course


Get step-by-step instructions on how to setup your account to target your ideal clients.


Find your most profitable keywords to lower cost &maximize your return on ad spend.


Learn how campaigns work and how to effectively structure them.


Learn how to choose the right settings so that you can create highly targeted and effective campaigns.

The Importance of
Keyword Match Types

Without keyword match types your campaign could be losing a lot of opportunities and money.

Google Ads

Learn how campaigns workand how to effectively structure them.

How Keyword
Bidding Works

Including what you can do to lower your cost per click.

Landing Page
Best Practices

Learn how to optimize your landing page to increase conversions, leads and sales.


This is critical for maximizing results and optimizing your Google Ads Campaign.

Google Ads

With a wide range of features, discover the most important ones you should be taking advantage of.

Navigating the New
Google Ads Interface

Learn how to navigate the Google Ads interface including linking accounts and pulling key reports.

Metrics and

Discover the most important reports in Google Ads and the top metrics you need to pay attention to.

Who is this Google AdWords training for?

*Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who would like to learn to setup and manage their own Google Ads campaigns and better understand how to maximize results.

*Marketing Professionals or individuals who would like to learn Google Ads in order to manage Google Ads campaigns or better communicate with outside agencies.

*Prior experience not required. Ideal for beginners or intermediate. Classes are designed to suit the needs of all levels. Basic understanding of computers is necessary.

Learn Google Ads

What Past Attendees Say About our Google Ads Course

“I got my money’s worth within the first few hours. Nicole is amazing, helpful and loves what she does.”


This Google AdWords Course will teach you:

  • How to setup and execute profitable Google Ad campaigns from scratch
  • The difference between Google Ads and SEO and when to use them
  • How to effectively setup your Google Ads account in a step-by-step structured format
  • The hierarchy of Google Ads
  • All the elements needed to generate leads and sales from Google Ads
  • How to optimize your Google Ads account to maximize results
  • The key metrics that you need to track
  • How to structure your account so only those people who are more likely to take action will see your ads
  • Why your Google Ads wasn’t producing results before, and how to fix it
  • How you can use Google Ads to increase website traffic
  • To develop a skill that you can continue to use for years to come to earn an income or grow your business
  • To do Google Ads in-house, at an agency, as a freelancer and for your business

Google Ads Training for Corporate Groups and Teams

Empower your marketing team to maximize their return on ad spend with hands-on, practical Google Ads Training taught by a 15 year Google Ads practitioner and Certified Google Ads Specialist.

Captivate offers customized Google Ads Training for Corporate Groups and Teams, either at your location or ours. We can customize your Google Ads Training to suit the needs and level of your group or you can choose to have your team learn from our present curriculum.

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About Captivate Designs, Inc

Captivate Designs was founded in 2007 by Nicole McCullum, an internet marketing expert with over 10 years’ experience in website redesign, graphic design and internet marketing. Captivate Designs provides small business SEO service and SEO consulting service to small business and entrepreneurs in addition to providing SEO training. Prior to founding Captivate Designs, Nicole was the Founder of Kings County School of Realty, where she initially paid $5000 for a website that looked pretty but did absolutely nothing to generate business. It was during that time that Nicole honed her skills in internet marketing, experiencing great success, which ultimately lead to her completing a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Ultimately, because of Nicole’s past experience with under-performing websites, she founded Captivate Designs a small business branding and web design company to help small businesses leverage the power of effective design at an affordable price to transform their business, increase leads and revenue. Nicole has contributed as an expert on Forbes,, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NY Enterprise Report, Strategy Magazine and Focus. In her spare time she volunteers with NY Cares on various hunger projects, because she believes no one should ever have to go hungry. In addition, she also volunteers with the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to educate and raise awareness on Cervical Cancer and Prevention.

Become a Pro at Google Ads
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Learn Google Ads

Past Attendee Testimonial

“I took Captivate’s Google Ads training course and was really blown away by all the things I learned. Nicole is a really thorough teacher who explains things in a clear, organized manner. She provides many tools and tips to help you maximize your use of Google Ads and empowers you to take steps to position your business for success. I’m looking forward to the other courses offered by Captivate.”

Kafayat D

Founder of Ecommerce Store

“Thank you for an extremely impactful class. Between the presentation, in depth concept explanations, visual examples as well as providing us with a variety tools to utilize for keywords and competitor data to help us make the best decisions in approaching paid advertisement across various mediums, you also took the time with each of us and provided a hands on individual, needs based overview, which was very informative and a great guide.

I really appreciate that I can reach out with questions and will be reaching out soon for your advice on my upcoming project.

Thank you again this was definitely the best 1 day class I have ever taken and the most cost efficient for the amount of knowledge conveyed and ongoing assistance provided. It truly shows that you are doing this to help small businesses grow!”

Tricia Nowohonska

Data Scientist,