For most, setting up a Linkedin Profile is the thing to do, because everyone says you should have a Linkedin Profile.  So they set it up and never really expect much.But, the fact is you should pay more attention to your Linkedin Profile because chances are your ideal clients are on Linkedin.

Here’s why?

If these characteristics fit the profile of people you want to do business with. Never before have you had such an unprecedented opportunity to reach and connect with these people one on one.I would like to share with you how you can do so by expending very little effort.Doesn’t seem likely! Think again.Linkedin has a search facility much like a business directory that allow users to search by keywords for anyone including individuals and vendors alike.Setting up your Linkedin profile in a way that optimizes it for the keywords that people will use to search for businesses like yours, will help you get found on Linkedin and drive leads for your business.

Here’s how to get leads from Linkedin with Little Effort


1.Optimize your profile by finding the right keywords

Much like search engine optimization, you need to find out what keywords are used to locate businesses like yours. If you already do search engine optimization, then you have a head start.  Once you have a list of keywords say five to ten, you can start optimizing your Linkedin Profile.

2.Start with Your Headline

As flattering as it is to list your title such as Founder, President, Manager of XYZ company, it won’t bring you results. Instead use the keyword that describes your specialty of what you do. For e.g. If you’re a Building Contractor then you should list your title under Basic Information as Building Contractor at XYZ Builders. The keyword being “Building Contractor”. Now when someone searches Linkedin for a Building Contractor you’ll be sure to show up in the search results.

3.Optimize Your Current Position

Next, you can optimize your current position by again using a different keyword that you would like to appear for.  So instead of President/Principle at  XYZ Company, list it as Residential Building Contractor at XYZ Builders, this highlights your specialty.

4.Past Position Are Useful Too

If you worked in the same field at a different company, then you can also utilize the past position(s) area to include a different keyword. For E.g. Residential Construction Specialist at ABC Builders.

6.Boost Your Optimization with Your Summary

In the summary section of your profile, you  have an opportunity to list your specialities. Be sure that your specialities list are keyword driven, this will help you to climb to the top of the Linkedin Search Results. Also, try repeating some of the keywords that you used in items 1-4.

6.Finally Skills and Expertise

This sections gives you another opportunity to list as many keywords that you would like to associate with your Linkedin Profile. Again, be sure to repeat the keywords that you listed in items 1-5 to boost your profile in the search results.

7.Select the Right Category

The business category that accurately describes your area of   expertise may not be an option within the Category selector for your Company name.  Try to select the closest category as possible and run test to see which category puts you closer to the top by testing out a few different categories that are similar

For a sample of what your profile should look at, feel free to review my profile, as well as connect with me on Linkedin.  Simply click on this link

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