How to Get More Referrals Using Facebook?

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I’m sure that you’ll agree that referrals is one of best ways to get new business.  The problem is that it is unpredictable and asking for referrals can be daunting.

But what if you had a way to get more referrals?

Alas, there is a way!

If you are a business owner who would like to get more referrals through word of mouth, Facebook provides you with the opportunity to greatly amplify word-of-mouth and increase your referrals significantly.  Whether you’re an accountant, an insurance agent, a cleaning company, a landscaper, a massage therapist. Just about any business that target consumers can benefit from using Facebook to Increase Referrals.

Here’s why!

  • The average Facebook user is connected to 150 people that follows their every move.
  • 76% of Facebook users log on at least once per day
  • The Average number of pages likes per Facebook user per day is 40

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So how do you use Facebook to Increase Your Referrals?

You need to setup a professional Facebook business page.

Then you need to get all your existing customers to like your Facebook page. You can then:

  • send out an email to all your customers with your Facebook link, asking them to like your Facebook Page
  • add it to your website with a call to action to Like your Facebook page
  • post a sign in your office with the url  of your Facebook page
  • give out postcards with a url for your Facebook Page. (I have seen this from anyone from a dentist to a local lounge) doing this. Each time one of your customer like your page, all of their friends now get to know who you are.

You need to engage the people who like your page, you can do this by posting inspiring quotes, success stories, customer reviews. Asking fill in the blank questions and trivea, taking customer questions.  Each time you engage with a customer on Facebook, you are seen by all of their active friends, keeping you top of mind and alerting their friends to your service.

If you are not currently using Facebook to Amplify your word of mouth in order to Get More Referrals. We can help!  Give us a Call Today 877-877-4936.




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