3 Takeaways from My Trip to Facebook Headquarters!

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Almost two weeks ago I had the pleasure of moderating a Fireside chat with Rachel Roff, the Founder of Urban Skin RX, a 10 million dollars per year skincare company at Facebook’s Headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Prior to my chat, Facebook Staff provided us with some tips on “Leveling Up” in our business via Facebook & Instagram.

Below are my top 3 takeaways from the “Leveling Up” session

Tip #1. It’s important to develop your core business story.

Developing your core business story creates a connection with your audience and make you more memorable. When people buy in to your story, they have a greater understanding of your mission, this often leads to brand loyalty which then translates into leads and sales.

Tips for developing your core story
Start by answering one of the following questions. You can either communicate it to your audience by email or by using Facebook & Instagram Live or Stories. Answering all three of the following questions will provide you with a good head start on building content that connects and engages your audience.

Your story should be at least 1 minute and it should be easy for others to retell.

  • Origin –How did you start your business?
  • Success – What does your business do? What’s a customer success story?
  • Vision – What’s next for your business?


Tip #2. Get feedback on your story from your team, customers and prospects.

In order to improve your story and make it more re-tellable and impactful. It’s important that you continue to refine it. To do so ask for feedback from your team members, customers or prospects.

In order to get valuable feedback. Ask these five questions.

  • Recall – What do you remember & why?
  • EQ – How did you feel & why?
  • Perceptions – What did that tell you about me?
  • Strengths – What did I do well?
  • Solution – What should I do better?


Tip #3. Use video to tell your story.

Today, it’s easy to produce high quality videos using a smart phone. However, there are many reasons to consider using video in your marketing.

  • “75 Million people in the U.S. Watch online videos every day.”
  • “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”


Tips for creating successful videos

  • Capture attention quickly – include a hook (a catchy statement) in the beginning of your video to capture attention and get viewers engaged, this will lead to longer engagement with your videos.
  • Design for sound off – if you plan on posting your video on your website or social media platforms such as Facebook, ensure the sound is off and viewers need to press play. “On average, 85% of users listen to videos with the sound turned off.” Add captions to your videos with text for easy reading.
  • Frame your story – think about who would be viewing your video and what they would like to know. Avoid being long-winded, and try to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Next step: Take action and start sharing your story on your Facebook or Instagram Live & Stories.

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