6 Fundamental Steps to the Website Redesign Process.

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Not content with the way your website looks? Do you think your website could use an upgrade? If so here is a complete outline of the website redesign process so you know what to expect.

About the Website Redesign Process.

The website redesign process can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with it, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make the entire project much simpler, faster, and more successful.  Follow these six steps for a more efficient and successful website redesign.

Step 1: Evaluation.

It’s important to evaluate your current website pages to determine whether the content on the page should be kept, updated or discarded. Identify what is working and what isn’t. Identify what the strengths and weakness of your current website are and benchmark your current metrics and analytics data. To do so, start with Google Analytics. You can learn how to setup, install and interpret the data with this guide to Google Analytics.

Step 2: Goals Identification.

Now identify your goals and what you picture the end result to be. Are you just looking for a more professional website or are you hoping to get more leads and sales? Whatever your goals are you’ll need to be perfectly clear in order to create a website redesign strategy that meets your expectations.

Step 3: Strategy Creation.

Next your website redesign team will outline a plan for achieving your goals based on your needs. If you are simply looking to develop a more professional image then look in depth at competitors’ websites, as well as websites you like outside your industry, to get a better understanding of the look and feel that you are going for. Identify your content needs and create a strategy for your website content so that it addresses the pain points and educational needs of your target audience. You should also make sure it is presented in a captivating way that is strategically positioned to increase engagement and conversions. If your goal is to generate leads, your team will identify lead generation tactics such as pay per click, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, TV, radio and event marketing to help you achieve your lead generation goals. In this stage a plan is outlined to help you achieve your goals.

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Step 4: Needs Assessment.

Based on your goals, deliverables that are needed to carry out the website redesign successfully are outlined and assigned to stakeholders for delivery. For example: Content, Graphics, Brand Brief etc.

Step 5: Implementation.

Here your team gets to work and puts it all together. At this stage you will view sitemaps, wireframes, mockups etc. for feedback. Any necessary adjustments are made to move the process along.

Step 6: Review & Launch.

The final part of the website redesign process is testing the newly developed website. At this stage you test drive the website to ensure that it is functional, error free, that the forms work and most important the website works across all browsers and devices seamlessly. If all is well, then sign off on the website launch.

A website redesign can be overwhelming with all the changes being made. But essentially at the end of this step-by-step plan, you are guaranteed to get a website you’ll love!

Are you embarking on a website redesign? Share with us the steps you are taking. Please share this post with your network, to ensure that they are covered on their next website redesign.

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