Search engine optimization (also referred to as SEO) is sometimes the last thing on a business owner’s list of priorities. It’s not hard to see why — SEO is an intangible item and it takes time to see the payoff.

Smart business owners, however, have realized the power of SEO and have budgeted some of their marketing dollars and time toward it. It’s not just that search engine optimization is a “nice to have” for your website, either. With 97% of people searching online for the products or services that they need according to Forbes? It’s a question of can you afford to not show up in online searches?


 Here are three reasons why you need SEO to succeed online:

1.Your customers are searching for you online

In 2014, 86 million websites were built on WordPress. That’s a lot of people competing for search engine results! The more saturated the Internet becomes, the more difficult it will be to get your website to the top of the search results let alone found at all without SEO.

Search engine optimization can help solidify your spot in the search engines and ensure that when people look for keywords, that describe your product/services, you’re easily found.

2.New Leads are Worth their Weight in Gold

Do you know what the average cost of obtaining a good lead is? For some businesses, this can be as high as $43! One of the ways in which you can lower your cost to obtain new leads is by having well optimized pages that convert website visitors into prospects.

Once you get those individuals on your e-mail marketing list, you can then craft specific marketing campaigns for them to help turn them from a lead into a customer. A well optimized site can make this entire process much easier and much more affordable by driving more qualified traffic to your website.

3.Creating New Content Consistently Can be Hard

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that you need to be creating “x” number of blog posts per week and “x” number of social media updates per day. While it would be lovely to craft that much new content, the truth is that it’s hard to do that on a consistent basis!

With search engine optimization, your content works harder for you. Well placed keywords will mean that the single piece of content you write will gain more traction than a piece that hasn’t been optimized bringing you more of the results you desire.

Next Steps

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